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Message from the Group Chairman

YBhg Jimmy Tan

Our true point of difference is our people and our passion for excellence in client services. Our approach and philosophy fosters an environment that enables strategic thinking and creativity. With our staff's commitment, knowledge, drive, energy and enthusiasm, we continue to help our clients succeed every day.

Our commitment to client service is grounded in our tradition and goes to the very heart of what we do and how we do it. We pride ourselves on being partners with our clients. We have developed a set of values supporting our goal that we pledge to uphold—in our work every day. Through our values, we are:

  • >>> Dedicated to our clients' success
  • >>> Committed to working as partners
  • >>> Determined to achieve our potential
  • >>> Passionate about our work
  • >>> Focused on providing our best thinking
  • >>> Intent upon listening and learning
  • >>> Innovative and creative
  • >>> Ethical and responsible

There is one thing that serves to unite us. We are not afraid to embrace change and challenge. We are willing to be different. By supporting and embracing diversity, we all gain new ideas and learn new ways to approach challenges. This allows us to make better business decisions that will have far-reaching and lasting benefits for everyone our business touches: our customers, our shareholders and our associates.

Please tour our site. I encourage you to contact us directly with any questions about our Group of Companies, our products and the services we provide.